Who Are We? REOMatch - Making Property Acquisition Smarter and Faster
The National Community Stabilization Trust facilitates the transfer of foreclosed and abandoned properties from financial institutions nationwide to local housing organizations to promote productive property reuse and neighborhood stability. In collaboration with state and local governments, the Stabilization Trust builds local capacity to effectively acquire, manage, rehab and sell foreclosed property to ensure homeownership and rental housing are available to low- and moderate-income families. The National Community Stabilization Trust has developed the tools necessary to foster neighborhood recovery in the wake of rising foreclosures and property abandonment across America.
REOMatch is the new property transaction mapping tool and online buyer portal for transacting property transfers through the Stabilization Trust. Revolutionizing how the Stabilization Trust is able to show properties to participating local property buyers within the exact neighborhood boundaries of existing neighborhood stabilization plans, REOMatch can assist housing providers make streamlined purchasing decisions on the properties that will have the most impact on revitalizing distressed neighborhoods.
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